Our Services :

House Lockout

we will help you get in to your home in no time .

fast service professional technicians will be there for you and take away the frustration with no aggravation . 

Garage Locks

we will replace your garage door lock 

and T handle for easy and manual  access to your garage . 

Locks Change/Repair

full mechanism door knobs

tough solid steel dead bolts.

multi/pick proof dead bolts(cannot be brake by drilling)

 the lock come with spacial keys and key card. 

high quality combination key pad locks comes with keys & remote.

master re-key ,panic/push bars, garage door locks, lock-box.

Duplicate Keys

if you lost  your keys or just need some extra keys we will make a spare keys for your car / track or your house or apartment garage  or storage unit . 

Rekey/ Master key

we can make your lock keyed alike so  all locks under the same key and more convinces  for you and your family . if you are  a landlord we will make a master key for you . 

Non-Destructive Entry

high quality premium multi lock

dead bolt lock ,pick proof, lock can-not be drilled unbreakable, tough steel material  come with spatial keys .

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

state of the art keypad dead bolts locks come with remotes/clicker ,use the keys or combination number code or the remote all options  in same one lock.

DR LOCK Locksmith is pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

Total Home Security

 it is recommended that you replace your front and back door basic cheap retail store locks , with high quality LSDA  locks . we will show you the big different  at your house.  

Pick-Proof Cylinder Deadbolts

no more silent burglary .

pick proof deadbolts. 

call and get yours today .

Custom Surveillance Systems

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Screen & Garage Door Locks

we will fix/repair your screen door if needs adjusting or new shatter or screen door lock .

garage door lock and T locks .